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Memento Viewer

Memento Viewer was designed to improve the user's map viewing experience by allowing you to easily view, navigate, print to scale, and geospatially markup across multi-layered geospatial PDF datasets. 




For many users who lack GEOINT expertise or high end GIS software and resources, exploiting organizational geospatial PDF and GeoPDF holdings can be a challenge. The Memento Viewer allows any user regardless of experience to navigate and discovery relevant geospatial holdings.

Seamless view 

Rather than viewing one single PDF file within Adobe Reader, the Memento Viewer provides a continuous view across multiple geospatial PDFs files where users can perform the following geospatial functions:



Print on Demand / Print to Scale

Create printable products with the map assets you have regardless of the scale.



Geospatial Feature Creation 


Convenience Features

GPS  integration

FlyTo Coordinates

Measurements in Scale


If you're interested in learning more about Memento, contact us to arrange a product demonstration.